The Project Management Pattern

project management patterns
As we’ve seen from previous articles, project management can be a highly challenging role. It involves an acquired skill set, such as organization, time management, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to multi-task. With that being said, it’s true that project management isn’t for everyone. In addition to acquiring a certain skill set, project management is also heavily dependent on process and protocol. So is project management right for you?

Project Management Personality. Project management can definitely be interpreted as an art and science and attracts and appeals to certain personality types. These personality types vary between those that are scientific and technical and even those who are creative. Project management involves both being technically savvy and creative.

Leadership. In addition to being organized, timely, detail-oriented, efficient, and display excellent time management ability, being a project manager often times also means being a leader. It means working with teams to complete projects, work with customers and identify their requirements, and identify and responding to risk or changes in specifications when they occur. All these instances require a project manager to respond and “lead” in a certain way…a way that is efficient, professional, and one that caters to, understands, and encourages other team members. So what is your leadership style? Do you have what it takes to be a project manager and a leader?

Technicalities. Working in today’s world and society as a project manager means being technically savvy. We have no choice but to succumb to the technological advances and work flows that essentially run business today. Project Managers are challenged with staying on top of using and understanding technology in order to meet customer requirements and manage teams and projects. Most project managers would agree that they face technical issues and challenges on a daily basis. This means project managers must be patient, flexible, and willing and open to learning new things.

The Path to Success. So what makes a project manager successful and how do you know if it the right role for you? Project managers should all reach for success; whether it be for the success for the project and ultimately the customer, success for the team, or even success for him or her as a professional. Project managers should have the desire and motivation to succeed. This may involve encouraging team members, what may seem like bending over backwards for a customer or client, or even instituting creative problem-solving. Regardless of what methodologies a particular project manager prefers, he or she makes it happen and gets things done.

So what is the pattern behind project management and project management personalities? Some would agree that they are similarly tied. All in all, project management involves many different skills and abilities that are often found in multiple different jobs rather than combined into one. Organization, time management, multi-tasking, deadline and detail-oriented, efficient, flexible, patient, and dedicated are only a few of the characteristics we mentioned here that can be used to describe a project manager. Do you have a project management personality?

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