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How Project Managers Maintain Their Mental Health

It’s no secret that project management comes with its challenging and stressful days. From putting out fires to problem-solving to a phone that never seems to stop ringing, it’s a wonder some project managers keep from tearing through the hallways screaming. The truth is, project management isn’t always as easy as it looks. And for those project managers who are ... Read More »

How to Manage Projects in a Changing Business Landscape

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The world of business and project management has drastically changed over the last several years to a decade. We mostly have technology to thank for this. As we’ve discussed, technology has played a huge role in how communicate, manage teams, how we conduct business, and how to improve customers’ experiences. While there is a great deal of flexibility and convenience ... Read More »

Sink or Swim: Entrepreneurs Learn to Manage Risk

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Part of managing any project also means managing risks. Project managers learn to identify, categorize, and effectively respond to risks with experience. While many entrepreneurs might stem from some form of project management experience, many learn to address, manage, and respond to project and business risk through trial and error and experimentation. If you are reading this and think this ... Read More »

All about Agile Project Management

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For those businesses and teams who rely on project management software to organize and manage projects, agile project management is a crucial area to virtually and electronically managing projects. But what exactly is agile project management, and which features does this area include? How do they help project managers? What is Agile Project Management? Agile project management is incredibly common ... Read More »