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4 Insanely Easy Ways to Run an Effective Meeting

What do you do when you receive a meeting invite? You might groan, feel annoyed, or think, “Why do I need to go to this?” This is often how others react as well. Why does it have to be this way? How do entrepreneurs and project managers get team embers not only excited to attend meetings, but ensure they are ... Read More »

How Learning Styles Can Make You a Better Leader

What is your learning style? Everyone, regardless of career, level or position, has a learning style. Adhering to and recognizing that learning style is critical to individual success. Furthermore, implementing various strategies and learning tactics into training team members is critical to your success as a leader. The different types of learners include visual, auditory, and tactical. Each step in ... Read More »

Post-Mortem Meetings: They Don’t Have to Be Bad!

post mortem meetings

Professional project managers have all heard of post-mortem meetings. Some organizations work them into their workflows and project processes and others only hold meetings for high-level and high-risk projects. However, those project managers and organizations that incorporate them into their project processes typically dislike them. But why? Post-mortem meetings don’t have to be bad! Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “Post-mortem” as “an ... Read More »

The Power of Brainstorming

the power of brainstorming

Identifying project risk, performing risk management planning, and analyzing and responding to risk are all crucial areas when kicking off a new project. Regardless of how complex or straight forward a project may seem, there are always risks. It’s important for a project manager to think of how best to identify and address risks, especially with new projects or prototypes. ... Read More »