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Project Managers Find Job Purpose

Everyone has a job. Well, unless you are one of those fortunate individuals who don’t have to work or choose to be a stay-at-home parent (except being a parent is probably the hardest job of all!) most individuals have a job. However, if you take the majority of working individuals, how many of them do you think have actually found ... Read More »

Does Your Project or Small Business Need a “War Room”?

battle plan

So you need to brainstorm or “put the pieces together” for a new project or your small business. But maybe you need a little help coming up with ideas, organizing, or just a space to focus on your small business or project. If either of these situations or something similar pertains to you or your small business, consider setting up ... Read More »

The Power of Brainstorming

the power of brainstorming

Identifying project risk, performing risk management planning, and analyzing and responding to risk are all crucial areas when kicking off a new project. Regardless of how complex or straight forward a project may seem, there are always risks. It’s important for a project manager to think of how best to identify and address risks, especially with new projects or prototypes. ... Read More »

Creative Project Management the Right Way


Some project management roles can be predictable, lacking challenge, and maybe even boring. Some project management roles differ per client and per project, providing that extra edge and excitement (or perhaps additional stress or frustration). So regardless of your project preferences, or your outlook on them, most project managers greatly welcome a new, exciting, and creative project. So what should ... Read More »