Comindware Team Network Review

All project management software claim to have “collaboration features” that makes teamwork easier. However, these systems are often inflexible and the actual communication about the project is often done outside the platform. The Comindware Team Network takes collaboration to a whole new level.  It extends the capabilities of traditional project management software by focusing on social collaboration. The system is designed to boost employee productivity by enabling teams to engage on one platform.

Internal Communication

Improve internal communications, increase employee connectivity, and finish the project early with the Discussion Room feature by using Comindware Team Network. It allows the team to have an organized discussion rather than emailing each other to-and-fro. Every member can see what’s going on to know the project status.

Comindware Team Network - General

Discussion Rooms

The Discussion Rooms is a unique feature from Comindware Team Network. Whether you want to talk about the project, discuss about unrelated topics, or connect with people outside your department, it is possible to do so in the discussion room. Everyone who is involved in the project can collaborate as a single community.

Comindware Team Network - Rooms

Document Management

Company-wide and project documents can be managed from a single point with the Comindware Team Network software. The user interface is easy to use. Changes and updates on old documents can be tracked quickly.

Comindware Team Network - Document Management

Social Directory

The Social Directory feature allows project managers to use a visual organizational chart to identify which person has particular skills for a specific task.

Comindware Team Network - Orgchart

Employee Awards

In a traditional environment, recognition is an accepted way to boost employee morale. Comindware Team Network has a feature that lets project managers award the best performers. They can create awards such as “Employee of the Month” to provide encouragement. Team members can also thank each other in public which helps the team developer stronger relationships with each other.

Comindware Team Network - Awards


Comindware Team Network is a tool that focuses on social sharing within the project management landscape. It makes team collaboration easier, faster, and more organized. The software has a number of useful features that can help project managers finish the projects on time and within budget.

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