Comindware Project Review

Comindware Project extends the features of traditional project management tools to offer seamless collaboration and execution capabilities. With this software, it is possible to instantly track the progress of team members in a single platform.

Comindware Project also simplifies project planning with features such as Automated Priority-Based Planning, Work Breakdown Structure, and Predictive Gantt Chart. The Comindware Project is available both as an application and as an internet-based tool. Here are the highlights of the software:

Priority-Based Planning

No need to manually schedule tasks for individual team members with the Priority-Based Planning feature. It simplifies the process of project planning process by automatically updating after you set task and priorities. This is a useful feature for project managers who need to supervise multiple projects at the same time.

It is possible to see a visual representation of the plan with the Comindware Work Breakdown Chart (WBS) chart as well. It lets you see a clear structure with the task hierarchy. Comindware Project is designed for project managers who have medium to large-scale projects on the go.

Comindware Project - Planning

Gantt Chart with Actual Status Updates

Aside from project planning, Comindware Project also provides the real-time calculations on the expected project completion. For example, consider a situation where one of the team members completes a task early so the next phase of the project can begin, the Predictive Gantt chart feature can recalculate the project plan if you require.

Comindware Project - Gantt chart

Social Collaboration

Many software solutions now aim to incorporate a social element into their products. Comindware Project is able to do this successfully through its project discussion feature. It shows activity streams and discussions on different topics. The team can collaborate on various tasks and activities without leaving the platform.

Resource Allocation

Effectively allocating resources is an important part of project management. Comindware Project allows project managers to allocate resources and track the results it generates on each project.

Comindware Project - Resource Allocation


Comindware Project has a robust and user-friendly system that makes it easier for project managers to create plants, manage tasks, and complete the work. If you are looking for project management software that offers more than the ordinary features, Comindware Project may be the right solution for you. The platform requires no training and is easy to install. You can start working on the project right away. The company offers a 30-day trial for project managers to test out the system.

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