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 More functions than most alternatives
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 Amazing reporting capabilities


Celoxis is a smart choice for project managers who want to really get in depth with their projects. The system provides more features than almost every other alternative, and these features are implemented fantastically. From task creation, to expense tracking, to workflow creation, to reporting, Celoxis has it all.


User Interface

The user interface is near perfect in terms of its organization and also the fact that it displays all needed tools, and sections in a single place. The clever use of drop down menus aids project managers and users to be able to navigate with ease, and the color scheme helps break up the layout to make it more understanding. After loading Celoxis, the dashboard is shown, providing a meaningful overlook to the project and current tasks.




Schedule Status

Schedule Status consists of a small graph that is present on the Dashboard and provides a quick overview of the status of tasks within the project. It is a useful project management feature in regards to ensuring that tasks that are at risk of becoming overdue, or that are already overdue, are attended to with priority, whether it means assigning additional hours/resources to the task, or by refining its requirements and seeing if the task can be further broken down so that sub sections of this task can be completed as soon as possible in the event that there are sub-sections within the task that are currently unable to be completed that are preventing the task as a whole to be marked as complete.


All well structured projects should have workflows for many of the processes to ensure that things are done in a standardized and controlled manner. Celoxis promotes this by offering a tool to create and edit workflows. It does not require any sort of graphical knowledge, and a user or project manager can create these workflows by using the user interface to select and specify each level of the workflow.


Expense Tracking

Every successful project must keep track of expenses to ensure that the project is staying on budget and there will be sufficient financial resources to complete the project. Without expense tracking, projects can be delayed, or even worse, fail completely.

Celoxis provides expense tracking and allows users and project managers to associate costs with tasks within projects. This is also simple to do:

–          Click [Expenses] -> [Add Expense]

–          Select the Project and Task

–          Enter the summary for the expense

–          Click [Add Line Item]. This will allow you to specify the expense in greater detail with the ability to enter a category, description, amount, date, and more.

As you can see from the above instructions, expense tracking is incredibly easy in Celoxis and adds to the ever increasing stack of reasons to consider Celoxis.




Celoxis has an extremely functional reporting system and allows for maximum customization, including the ability to create custom reports and specify who will be able to view them. In addition to this, reports can be downloaded as HTML and CSV, and also added to the Dashboard.

Creating custom reports is simple and intuitive process. Reports can be created on a variety of project elements, including tasks, process, time entry, expense, task update, assignment, document, activity log, discussion, and the entire project. When creating a report, filters can be added to these reports to further refine and specify exactly which data you wish to report on, and also supports the ability to display charts and graphs, which can be handy when users, project managers and executives require quick overviews of the current state of the project or particular elements of it.


The speed of Celoxis is another prominent strong point. Transitions between sections and page loads are quite quick and leave nothing to be desired. It was tested on multiple computers and internet connections in order to gain more of an idea as to its performance, and it performed well on all tests. Even on the slowest computer and internet connection, pages and sections load almost instantaneously.


Ease of Use

This system is quite easy to use. Once getting over the initial hump of learning where everything is and understanding the vast array of options and specifications, it was found that using Celoxis is actually quite easy. First time users may be overwhelmed by the abundance of options, due to the fact that there is so much detail within almost every tool and feature in the system. However, the learning curve is not very steep, and first time users will soon become experienced as the system is designed in such a way that it is very easy to learn. Ensure to take a look at the help section, as it provides detailed instructions for all the system’s functions, and also has many accompanying videos to explain even further.



In a nutshell, Celoxis is absolutely fantastic. It provides everything a project manager needs, and the reporting system is phenomenal. For project managers and executives who love reports, Celoxis is going to be one of the best choices as an online project management and collaboration tool, due to the plethora of options and customization that the system supports. There are no significant faults with this system, and as a result of extensive testing, it is evident that it is smart choice.


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  • David Brinkley

    Most of the information expressed above resonates with my experience of using Celoxis over 2 1/2 years. The screen shots above seem to be of an older version, since they changed their Interface about a year ago. I specifically like their ‘Apps’ feature where I can accommodate all of our business processes within a single system. Overall a robust, user-friendly software that is quick-to-update with new features and capabilities.

  • Benjamin McNeil

    Their reporting capabilities are exceptional! I can virtually create any kind of report my management requires for time to time visibility into our projects.

  • Wallace Edwards

    Celoxis has eliminated project slippage with its dependable scheduling and eliminated resource squandering. It has also helped streamline communication with our external partners.