Project Management Skills versus Tech Skills: Which Do You Think Are More Valuable Today?

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It is true that in the last decade at any form of technical skills have been a huge asset to organizations, companies in the corporate world, and even to small businesses. However, times are changing. While technical skills are still a great asset to a company, especially since a large focus on social media, online marketing, and developing web content still exists, project management skills are actually proving to be worth more.

This is especially true for technical project managers. More and more organizations and small businesses are looking for one person who can literally do both jobs. A project manager is also knowledgeable in technical fields and vice versa is the winning candidate today. It is also essential for IT staff to have some project management abilities and skills.

Ultimately the goal is for IT personnel to step in and work another team member’s job should he or she be absent. The technical IT member should step in and pick up and continue all routine QA testing and analysis work on another project as necessary, right where the other person left off.

Okay, let’s take a step aside from the technical world for just a minute. Even of you aren’t a technical PM, but maybe a construction or engineering PM or anything of the like, wouldn’t it be better if you had skill sets and knowledge in both construction and/or engineering? Think of how much more valuable and asset you become to companies of you are knowledgeable, experienced, and maybe even certified in both.

Most project managers would agree that a PM’s abilities and knowledge within a specific role or industry is valuable regardless and can easily be transferred into any new role. However, it has been proven that knowledgeable and technical project manager can help drive down a project’s cost, increase productivity, increase the overall project’s success rate, and even reach and exceed customers’ expectations more efficiently.

Of course, a project’s overall success rate and productivity doesn’t necessarily depend 100% on a project manager’s performance or knowledge. Project managers know that there are plenty of factors that go into delivering and managing a successful project. However, it is true that risks significantly decrease when a project manager that is well versed in both project management and a technical or related field is running the show.

Finally, while technical skills are still already for any candidate to have, companies, organizations, and small businesses are looking for those project managers who have both. Project management plus knowledge or experience in a similar or related other field is highly desirable. For those technical folks, displaying some form of project management skills or expertise and experience is important. Project management is most certainly where it’s at today.

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