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The Basics of Six Sigma

Six Sigma

For many organisations Six Sigma is simply a way of striving for near perfection in quality. Technically, Six Sigma is a data-driven, disciplined approach to eliminating deviations in any kind of business or industrial process. The original idea is to aim for a “six sigma” quality level, which is six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest limit of ... Read More »

A Psychoanalytic Approach to Managing Your Team

Photo courtesy of Lumax Art via Flickr

Have you ever had a team member that gets all emotional on you displaying anger, admiration and stress? How about a team member who takes criticism as appreciation?  Have you ever had a member of staff that eagerly aims for perfection? Perhaps, these situations are oddly familiar to you. Sigmund Freud understands you. Sure thing, you’ve heard about the id, ... Read More »

Does Your Project or Small Business Need a “War Room”?

battle plan

So you need to brainstorm or “put the pieces together” for a new project or your small business. But maybe you need a little help coming up with ideas, organizing, or just a space to focus on your small business or project. If either of these situations or something similar pertains to you or your small business, consider setting up ... Read More »

The Power of Brainstorming

the power of brainstorming

Identifying project risk, performing risk management planning, and analyzing and responding to risk are all crucial areas when kicking off a new project. Regardless of how complex or straight forward a project may seem, there are always risks. It’s important for a project manager to think of how best to identify and address risks, especially with new projects or prototypes. ... Read More »

5 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid With Your Company Brochure


How is your company brochure performing? Is it a marketing workhorse, tirelessly sending prospects to your website already convinced of your value and ready to convert? Or does it lack social grace and charm, positioning your company more as a Leisuresuit Larry of your industry? Your brochure may actually be harming your company’s marketing efforts, creating perceptions that you hadn’t ... Read More »