Defining Time and Schedule for Project Management

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The success of the project can be defined in terms of time and budget constraints. The success triangle of a project management includes time, cost and quality. Time is the most important aspect which affects the other two variables of the project. It’s a project’s manager’s main responsibility to complete a project on time. Development and management of the project ... Read More »

Win At Project Management By Avoiding These 5 Common Pitfalls

In the world of project management, there has been an increase in the number of ill-equipped people being pulled into not only managing their own work, but the work of others too. Each day more people are thrust into the role of “accidental project manager” and for some, are unprepared for that role.   Help them to regain their footing ... Read More »

Help! My Project is Falling off the Rails

THESSALONIKI GREECE MARCH 282015: Derailed train coaches at the site of a train accident at the Gefyra community in northern Greece. The train was carrying electronic equipment .

It’s all too common a tale. Your project was going well then something happened… a vendor let you down with a delivery date, there were problems around commissioning or testing, or the end product, whatever it is, simply does not work. This bump in the road may not always be the fatalistic thing it appears to be at the time. ... Read More »

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