4 Scary Questions Entrepreneurs Ask about Project Management

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So maybe you have had this idea. You have a special talent, you have a passion for a particular service, or you have a creative product to market. Regardless of your forte, you have the potential to go into business. But, whoa, it’s a business. Don’t you need an MBA to own and operate your own business? Well, education is never lost, but, no, you don’t necessarily need a business degree to become an entrepreneur. But a background in project management? This also proves to be helpful.

What Does Project Management Have to Do with Running a Business?

But what does project management have to do with running your own business and functioning as entrepreneur? Well, almost everything. In fact, most entrepreneurs and business owners would be surprised to find out how much project management goes into managing and overseeing even the smallest of tasks on a daily basis.

What Does Project Management Involve Exactly?

Project management involves managing a number of areas and facets of business such as resources, budgets, schedules, communication, customers, projects, and tasks, just to name a few. All these areas are crucial to running a business. In fact, a business isn’t likely to survive without them. You probably already manage and/or oversee most of these areas right now without really realizing it!

What Resources Do I Need?

When running a business, project managers, entrepreneurs, and/or business owners might question what resources are needed to effectively operate. There are a number of tools, resources, and project management software options available that can assist project teams, project managers, and businesses to collaborate on tasks, manage projects, and work together. Staffing a project manager to “man” the software not only means that things get accomplished, but more time becomes available for you to focus on growing your business.

What If I’m Not a Project Manager, Can I Still Run My Business?

But what if you are already in well involved with the operation, growth, and development of your business, but you are finding out that you aren’t the best project manager? Or that maybe you aren’t the best strategist or analyst? Maybe your forte is focusing on vision or creative product development.

The good news is just because you are entrepreneur or business owner doesn’t mean you have to wear ALL the hats yourself, although most often do…You have the option to set up a PMO or even hire or outsource a project manager to handle the logistics, details, and managerial tasks of a project.

Finally, if you are running your own business or you are thinking about it, but don’t have an MBA or other business degree or certificate, don’t fret. It doesn’t automatically guarantee failure. In fact, even a background in project management can help you to run your business effectively. If none of these apply to you as an entrepreneur, the game still goes on. You can always set up a PMO, hire or outsource a project manager, and implement a project management tool to manage projects, daily tasks, and ensure smooth work flows across teams.


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